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Labor Recruitment Requests in Qatar

Ministry of Labor

The Qatari Ministry of Labor announced that during the past month, it received 18,027 new requests for recruitment and 3,303 requests for occupation modification.

According to the ministry's statistical bulletin for June, it approved 10,935 new recruitment requests and rejected 7,092 requests. Additionally, it approved 3,262 requests for occupation modification and rejected 41 requests.

The bulletin also indicated that the ministry received a total of 929 work permit applications, including 600 requests for permit renewal, 56 requests for new permits, and 273 requests for permit cancellation.

Regarding inspection visits to labor recruitment offices, the statistical bulletin revealed that the ministry conducted approximately 152 inspection rounds, with 147 ending in acceptance, 4 resulting in violations, and one visit resulting in a violation removal

Labor Inspection Department

"The Labor Inspection Department also conducted intensive inspection campaigns during the past month to monitor the extent of establishments' compliance with laws and ministerial decisions related to regulating the labor market in the country.

These campaigns resulted in a total of 4,472 visits to various areas, and 522 companies were issued warnings to rectify violations. Furthermore, 50 violation reports were issued against companies, and 269 partial or complete site closures were ordered due to heat stress."

Labor complaints

As for labor complaints, the statistical bulletin showed that the Labor Disputes Department received complaints from workers against their employers, totaling approximately 2,210 complaints.

Out of these, 546 complaints were resolved, while 16 complaints were referred to the Labor Disputes Resolution Committees.

The remaining 1,659 complaints are still under process.

In addition, the department received 111 public reports, all of which were addressed.

In a related context, the number of cases referred to the Labor Disputes Resolution Committees in June was 16, and the total number of decisions issued by these committees was 552, ranging from final decisions to dismissals. The total number of cases still under process is 951."

Source By: Ministry of Labor Qatar Website

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