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Labor Complaint Submission: Step-by-Step Guide using the Ministry of Labor Unified Platform

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

In 2015, Qatar issued law No.21 that regulates the entry, exit, and residency regulations for Qatari and expatriate employees.

This law came into effect on 13 December 2016, according to the explanation of this law it provides workers with the below:

1- Ability to switch between jobs at any time.

2- End of a two-year ban on working in Qatar.

Besides, an amendment was made to this law in September 2020 that the employee no longer needs NOC from the current employer/sponsor to switch jobs even if their labor contract is still valid.

These changes attracted hundreds of thousands of expatriates requesting Changing Sponsorship in Qatar.

As a result, the number of complaints regarding labor rights increased related to:

- Employer is not paying or delaying the salary.

- Employee termination for no reason.

- the current employer is not releasing you to join a new employer.

- Employee not receiving leave pay.

Learn more about your rights and contact the Elite Projects professional team for any questions.


Qatar government established firm rules to ensure the rights of the employees and provide them with services & support in various ways for both the domestic and private sectors ensuring that all of them adhere to the Qatari Labor laws.

One of these methods is that the citizens, expatriates, and establishments can submit a complaint using the Ministry of Labor- MOL unified platform for complaints & whistleblowers.

It may seem complicated, but you can ask our professional for consultation regarding your current situation.

The employee has the right to notify the employer or to keep the complaint confidential.


1- To file a complaint you need to log in here:

2- Access the service either by using the ID card number or visa and the mobile number. Or you can log in using the national authentication system.

3- Select the type of complaint.

4- Next, will open a page to add general information about the complaint:

To notify the employer or not.

Select the location of the related Ministry’s office to handle the complaint.

Select the employer.

5- The employee's data will appear directly with a button for additional information if needed.

5- The employee's data will appear directly with a button for additional information if needed.

6- Request section for any specifications or adding more complaints, notes, or attaching documents.

7- Review before proceeding to edit or add any missing data, then submit.

Remember, Elite Projects has been a leading PRO services company in Qatar for 20 years, you can always ask for help and support from our professional team.


Contact Number: +974 4487 0912 / 7022 0052

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