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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Do you want to invest in Qatar or wants to open a project without a Qatari Partner?

Law No. (1) of 2019 regulating non-Qatari capital investment in economic activity have added provisions to encourage foreign investment in Qatar, including:

Article 8: It is permissible to allocate the necessary lands for non-Qatari investors to establish their investment project, either through lease or by granting beneficiary rights.

Article 9: Non-Qatari investors are allowed to import whatever is needed for their investment project in terms of construction, operation, or expansion.

Article 10: Non-Qatari investment projects may be exempted from income tax according to the regulations and procedures specified in the Income Tax Law.

Article 11: Non-Qatari investment projects are exempted from customs duties on imports of machinery and equipment necessary for their establishment. Non-Qatari investment projects in the industrial field are also exempted from customs duties on imports of raw materials and semi-manufactured materials necessary for production, which are not available in the local markets."

Article 12: The ministry grants an incentive and benefits to the investment projects in addition to what is mentioned to this law.

Article 13: Non-Qatari investments, whether direct or indirect, may not be seized. Unless it is for the public interest, which would be done in a fair and appropriate manner.

Article 14: Non-Qatari investors have the right to transfer capital, returns, settle disputes, and receive compensation in any currency at the applicable exchange rate.

Article 15: Non-Qatari investors have the right to transfer ownership of the investment to another party or hand it over to their Qatari partner, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Article 16: Non-Qatari investors are allowed to settle disputes through arbitration or any other method, in accordance with the law, excluding labor disputes.

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