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How to Change Profession in QID

Having a concern on how to change profession on QID? Before you decide to change your profession, you must note on the following:

• You need Arabic Translated and Mofa Attested Educational Certificate

• Company must have no any block / restrictions in labor dept.

• You can change your profession again after 5 years

• New offer letter/ contract copy

If all the mentioned requirements are meet, then your employer can now submit the application to change your profession by logging in to the labor portal using company’s log-in access details, both employer and employee will receive an SMS once the application is approved/rejected.

If its approved, your PRO will go to MOI personally to collect your new QID with new profession and must pay 200 QAR, also your old QID must be presented to MOI along with the proof of approval.

Do you still have unanswered questions? Elite Projects is available to answer your questions happily.


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