Meet our Team

Mohamed Elassal

CEO and General Manager

Mr. Mohamed Elassal is a Co-founder of Elite Projects, and as the General Manger leads and maintains an effective and cohesive senior management team for Elite’ Teamwork.

Jaycieal Fetalvero

Senior Sales and Marketing Executive

Jaycieal Fetalvero have a 10 years background in Marketing, she develops and oversee marketing campaigns to promote our services, her expertise and knowledge in designing, social media platform, and content development, event planning, web designing, and video editing is a great addition to our team.

Gladys E. Cruz

Sales and Marketing Executive

Gladys E. Cruz has a background in BS Psychology, with 14 years’ work experience in Doha for different field includes Trading & Contracting, Sales and Marketing, Manpower and Business Development.

Hamdi Izamudeen

Sales Representative

Hamdi Izamudeen, has a degree in Marketing, He has 7 years background in different marketing industries. He has an excellent verbal and written communication skills, and he coordinate with operation to make sure that they get completed client’s transactions in a timely manner.

Ahmed Elsayyed

Operations Manager

Ahmed Elsayyed have a background in Law and Legislation, he has 8 years of experience in Government Services and Transaction.

Imee Alpapara

Senior Accounts Manager

Imee Alpapara have a degree in B.A Major in Business Management, she is calm type of person knowledgeable in General Office System, Recruitment, Administrative works, and Management with excellent computer. She gained her experience for 9 years in different sectors.

Sainul Abid

Senior Accounts Manager

Sainul Abid have a 7 years’ experience in Government Services, he has background in Administration Management. He has a very good understanding of Government Process, and he coordinate and manage all procedures and transactions.

Ismail Narrikot

Accounts Manager

Ismail Narrikot have background in Administration Management with 6 years’ experience in Doha in Government Services. He is fluent in writing, reading and speaking in Arabic.

Asmaa Ibrahim

Accounts Manager

Asmaa Ibrahim has a background in Computer Science, she’s updating and maintaining client documents, and transactions. She has a strong inter-personal skill, she is organized, accurate, thorough, and able to monitor work for quality.

Sara Aladawy

Accounts Manager

Sara Alawady has a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering with Master in Human Development from Cambridge University, she was the first point of contact with her Clients and she play a critical role in the successful delivery of our services.

Ashgan Nasr Mohamed Eissa

Operation Officer

Ashgan Nasr Mohamed Eissa has 6 years’ experience in Administrative and Human Resource management. She ensuring that clients are update on all their transaction and expiration, and all equipment is working and properly maintained, time, task, and resource management skills.

Nada Mohey Mohamed Al-Bahay

Operation Officer

Nada Mohey Mohamed Al-Bahay has a degree in Business Administration, her background has been proven and applied in her daily tasks and in delivery an excellent service to her clients. She has in-depth knowledge in Government Services and Qatar Law.

Sahar Desouky Mahmoud Mahmoud Senara

Operation Officer

Sahar Desouky Mahmoud Mahmoud Senara has a 5 years’ experience in different field, she has a background in Customers Services and Administration.

Reham Mohammed El Shinnawy Abo Atya

Operation Officer

Reham Mohammed El Shinnawy Abo Atya, has a 4 years’ experience Administration and Government Process. She is punctual, organize, and efficient.

Fatma Alzahraa

Operation in Charge

Fatma Alzahraa has work as clients’ accounts assistance for 4 years, she has a good knowledge and background about Government applications and transactions. She assists the accounts manager in preparation of all required documents and application for the client’s transactions.

Yomna Fadel

Operation in Charge

Yomna Fadel she has 6 years’ experience; her background has been proven and applied in her daily tasks and in delivery an excellent service to her clients. She has in-depth knowledge in Qatar Law.

Youmna Mokhtar

Operation in Charge

Youmna Mokhtar has a background in Government Services for 5 years, her optimistic attitudes help her to maintain a good relation with the clients, she has an analytical mind with problem-solving skills. She has ability to work under pressure with an excellent result.

Moaz Ihab

Public Relation Officer

Moaz Ihab, has a background in Government Services for more than 10 years, his knowledge and expertise has help him and us in our daily transactions. He is organized, driven and motivated to achieve his goal or any give tasks to him.

Alaa Essa

Public Relation Officer

Alaa Essa, has been working in Doha for 9 years, he has experience and expertise in Government Transaction. He ensures that all ensure all visa, medical and ID are up to date and arrange a timely renewal.

Bassem Saqar

Public Relation Officer

Bassem Saqar, has work in different industries for over 12 years. He has an extensive experience and knowledge in Government Services and Qatar Labour law.

Donna Maynigo

Public Relation Officer

Donna Maynigo, has a degree in Human Resource Management and background in Recruitment and Government Services for more than 9 years. She has an extensive knowledge in Qatar Labour Law. She is reliable and efficient on any given transactions

Ilyn Monte

Chief Finance Officer

Ilyn Monte has an Accounting Degree, she has 9 years of experience in different industries her expertise in bookkeeping, tax, revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and bank principles for internal use by company and to meet requirements by the government, shareholders and other external entities.

Samar Azzam

Finance Assistant

Samar Azzam, has a 4 years’ experience in accounting, she supports the Chief Financial Officer with the day-to-day functions by performing entry-level accounting duties. She is on accounts receivable and accounts payable. In addition, she helps with collections, billing, audits, and journal entries.

Jewel Torres

Administrative Officer

Jewel Torres, has a degree in BSED English, with a background in Administration. She has an excellent knowledge of MS Office and office management software, and familiarity with office management procedures and basic office principles.

Mark Andro Lisao

Document Controller

Mark Andro Lisao, has a background in Administration and Document Controlling for over 5 years in Doha. He is well organized, detail-oriented type of person, He Maintain confidentiality around sensitive documentation and ensures to file documents in physical and digital records and ensure appropriate storage.

Dennis Omwange

Collection Officer

Dennis Omwange, has a 6 years’ experience in different industries, He is exercise resourcefulness and ingenuity in gathering needed information from a wide variety of sources.

Wilson Ongayo

Collection Officer

Wilson Ongayo, has a background in Customers Service and Clerical works, He respond tactfully and in a timely fashion to tasks, He establish and maintain effective working relationships with his colleague and clients.