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Family Visit Visa

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

What are the requirements in applying a family visit visa?

As per Qatar law, any foreign nationals who reside in the state of Qatar (except for Khadama or any under personal sponsorship) has granted a privilege to invite their families with the purpose of visit visa, and must meet the following requirements, just bear in mind that the submission should be done through metrash2.

You must prepare the following:

1. Filled application

2. Valid Passport copy of the visitor

3. A valid QID copy of host

4. A proof of relation (Birth certificate / Marriage contract) Arabic Translated & MOFA attested.

5. Attested labor contract mentioning the salary & Profession

6. A confirmed ticket (inbound & outbound)

Once you have all the mentioned requirements, you can now start submitting the application by following the steps below:

 Open Metrash 2

 Go to Visa option

 Issue Visa

 Family Visit

 Family Visit Application

 Filled out all the necessary details

 Attached all the required documents (kindly note that the system is only accepting images, not pdf format)

Review all the details and submit. the host will receive the application reference number by SMS and also by email. This process might take 1-2 weeks depends on the accuracy of the documents provided.

Please note that this procedure doesn’t apply for a husband who wants to apply for family visit visa to his children.

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