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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The previous system used for the authentication of work contracts that was done in-person before at any Government Services Complex has been replaced with a digital integrated service.

For who?

Employers who are subject to labour law can use this system.

What you need before you proceed:

1. A smart card to access the service through the National Authentication System (NAS)

2. A valid bank card to pay fees online (payment gateway is linked to Hukoomi website)

Steps to authenticate multi-lingual employment contracts digitally:

1. Login using the smart card

2. Fill in the contract information

3. Print out the contract and sign it

4. Upload the signed contract and additional required documents

5. Pay the authentication fees after getting the Ministry’s approval

6. Print a certified copy of the authenticated contract

Here's the step-by-step guide as per MADLSA:

Step 1

  • Access the e-service through the Ministry's website link: Digital Authentication System for a Multi-Lingual Employment Contract

  • Login via Smart card through National Authentication System

Step 2

  • Create a new contract for your employee and enter basic data of the contract such as:

    • Visa Number / Qatari ID

    • The country of the employee

    • Employee's mobile number

    • Contract date

    • Contract duration

    • Date of starting work

    • Probation period

    • Basic salary and allowances

  • Review the contract before submitting

Step 3

  • Print the employment contract

  • Worker/employee and the authorized signatory of the establishment sign the printed contract

Step 4

  • Scan the contract after it has been signed by both parties

  • Click on Upload Attachments

  • Attach the employment contracts and additional attachments based on the contract type

  • Click Save Changes after the file/s have been uploaded

  • Send To Review button will appear. Click on this to submit for verification of the Ministry.

Step 5

  • After the verification process is successfully completed, the contract will appear on contracts ready for payment (Contracts ready to pay)

  • Choose the contract and click PAY

  • Fill in payment information

  • After completing the payment process, you will see on the screen that the transaction has been successfully completed

Step 6

  • You can then print the receipt or send it to your email

  • The contract after this stage become electronically authenticated, you can also print a copy with the new authentication code

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