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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Amerni: an e-Services application was recently launched by MADLSA.

This application includes a range of e-Services designed to request services or query Information. It aims to provide services to the owners of the establishments - or their representative - in addition to individuals, whether they are citizens or residents of the State of Qatar.

Amerni Application e-Services contains the following services below:

  1. Housing Application Follow Up

  2. Rent Allowance Follow Up

  3. House Purchase – Ownership Request

  4. Title Deed Request

  5. Installment Exemptions Request

  6. Labor Approval Request

  7. Labor Residency Extension

  8. Establishment Transactions Suspension Follow Up

  9. Establishment's Inclusive Statistics

  10. Labor complaint follow up - individual

  11. Labor Complaint Follow Up – Corporate

  12. Job Nomination Follow Up

  13. Job Seeker's Registration Certificate

  14. Nursery Location

  15. Report Violation of Nurseries

  16. House Loan Request

  17. House Request for People in Need

  18. Senior Staff Loan Variance Disbursement

  19. Social Security Follow-Up

  20. Social Security Documents

  21. Labor approval Details Follow-Up

  22. Inclusive Statistics Approvals

  23. Updating Establishment Official’s Data

  24. Updating Establishment Branches’ Data

  25. House Keeping Complaint Request

  26. Complaint against Labor Office

  27. E-Notice Apply

  28. E-Notice Inquiry

  29. E-Notice Apply (Corporate)

  30. E-Notice Inquiry (Corporate)

The third patch includes 5 new services, as of now the total services provided has become 33 services.

Users will now be able to file complaints against violating manpower recruitment offices, domestic workers can also file formal complaints, in addition to other services provided by the Labour Relations Department.

One of the most important features of the application is its ease of use to request services and inquire about them, as the user can complete registration in three simple steps, starting with obtaining a user name and password through the national documentation site, and then logging in through the application.

The application is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android Users, in both languages Arabic and English.

Documentations available:

  1. Terms of Use

  2. English User Manual Version 3


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