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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Ministry of Interior announces the addition of event-setting-up (Ceremony-funeral) application service in Metrash2, with no need to check with the security departments.

Commitment to request Occasion

- Whether the event is indoor or outdoor, only the specified number of people according to the number determined by the competent authority at the Ministry of Public Health as per the status and the developments of the situation shall be present at the event.

- All those who are present at the event shall maintain the compulsory health measures (wearing a mask, physical distancing, having Ehteraz application installed and kept active).

- Should not carry or use weapons of all kinds during this occasion, whether by me or by any of the attendees.

- Obtain a prior official permit from the concerned authorities, including the General Directorate of Traffic, for events held in locations where it may affect traffic and public safety such as (homes, streets, roads or grounds).

- I also acknowledge that I have been informed and acknowledged that, in the case that I violate this pledge, I am legally accountable for measures against me in accordance of the following provisions First: Provisions of Article (253) of the Penal Code promulgated by Law No. (11) Of 2004.Second: Provisions of Article (21) of Decree-Law No. (17) Of 1990 regarding prevention of infectious diseases as amended by Law No. (9) Of 2020Third: Provisions of Article (1) of Law No. (17) Of 2002 regarding the protection of society, as amended by the law No. (2) Of 2018.Fourth:Provisions of Article (12) of Law No. (14) Of 1999 regarding weapons, ammunition and explosives, and its amendments, and the penalties stipulated in the same law.

- This request does not include holding events in official and other hotel halls.

Article from: Marsal Qatar


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