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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Service Name: Application for issuing a new work permit/renewal/cancellation/lost replacement

Service Description: The service of issuing a new work license in an integrated manner using digital alternatives at all stages of the procedure with no need to visit the Government Services Centers. The procedure includes any person who is not on sponsorship of the employer who wishes to contract with it. This requires submitting application for the ordinary and main occupations and submitting the application with supporting documents for the sub-professions

Service Requirement:

  • Verify the identity of the administrator of the facility to access the service through OTP

  • A bank payment card valid for payment of fees through the payment gateway in connection with the website

  • Complete the registration of the application’s data for the user, the worker

  • Send the application with the required attachments to the Ministry for matching and checking.

  • Printing the criminal evidence letter for private companies and attaching a certificate of good conduct and behavior when available

  • Pay the fees through the electronic payment through the gateway after approval

  • Attach a copy of the certified contract to complete the issuance of the permit

  • Print the permit through the Ministry's website. You can also go to the nearest service complex to receive the work card

Terms and Conditions: (If any)

  • The service is available for private and joint stock companies.

  • The registration of worker’s details is based on the worker’s personal number.

  • The company’s responsible person shall bear full responsibility for the validity of the recorded information through the obligatory declaration within the digital service.

  • The required attachments for the service include attachments that the system determines automatically according to the type of the application

    • Copy of the company’s card

    • Copy of the QID Valid residency (temporary residence card for holders of the Qatari document)

    • Copy of the academic certificates, certified and translated Medical license for practicing the medical profession

    • Copy of the identity card of the current employer Photograph

    • A certificate of good conduct and behavior issued by the State of Qatar (for joint stock companies)

    • Resignation letter or letter of termination of services in case of work in advance

    • The contract (original copy)

    • Official letter from the company (in case of cancellation)

  • Additional documents are required

    • No objection letter from the Protocol Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - diplomat, under the sponsorship of his embassy

    • Approval letter from the Supreme Council of Health - Medical Professions

    • Approval letter from the Engineers’ Admission Committee - Engineers

    • Approval letter from the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities - Professions in charitable institutions

    • Approval letter from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education-Professions in schools

    • Special Needs Card - People with Special Needs

Additional Information (If any)

Service Fee: 500 QR for the new application

120 QR for the new application (Gulf)

100 QR for lost replacement


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