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For those who left Qatar until November 28, 2020 and those who are visa holders without QID.

It is a temporary service that is provided to residents of the State of Qatar who are unable to return to the country because of the restrictions imposed due to the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19).

This service allows employers, whether individuals or companies, government or private sector, to apply for an entry permit for residents and their family members holding QIDs to enable them to return to the State of Qatar.

Online Instruction Steps

  • Create a new account on Qatar Portal or log in to your existing account (if available).

  • Click on “Apply for Exceptional Entry Permit”.

  • Read terms and conditions and prepare all required attachments before starting the application.

  • Enter the application page and fill in the required information correctly and completely as shown in the passport.

  • Enter your email correctly to receive approval on your application.

  • Print permit and keep copy of it and a copy of quarantine undertaking to be presented to airport officials.

Terms and Conditions

The Permit:

  1. The employer may apply for an "exceptional entry permit" for Qatar residents.

  2. An application for an entry permit can be submitted through Qatar Portal website as of August 1, 2020.

  3. The “exceptional entry permit” service is available for residents and family members.

  4. The validity of the entry permit is one month from the date of its issuance. In the event of expiration, a new application can be submitted.

  5. The holder of the permit must download EHTERAZ application upon arrival.

  6. In the event the resident is coming from a low-risk country, evidence of residence in that country for 72 hours or more must be attached to the application.

  7. The competent authorities reserve the right to accept or reject the permit application in accordance with the conditions and requirements of issuing the permits.

  8. The applicant must acknowledge that all data and information stated in the entry permit application are correct. If any discrepancy or misinformation is proved, legal liabilities for the same will apply, in accordance with the regulations and laws of the State of Qatar.

Terms for Those Coming from Low-risk Countries / Other Countries:

People coming from low-risk countries should:

  1. Conduct COVID-19 test in an approved hospital (if any) within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the date of departure, and submit a hard copy of the examination certificate upon arrival.

  2. In the case the COVID test is not conducted in the departure country, the test will be conducted at the airport upon arrival.

  3. The applicant must upload proof of staying in a low-risk country for 72 hours or more. If the expatriate resides less than 72 hours in a low-risk country, they will be considered as coming from other countries (not low-risk) and will be treated accordingly.

Note: The permit will be automatically canceled if there is discrepancy in the entered data of the country of departure.

Second: Other Countries

Those who come from other countries (outside the list of low-risk countries) should comply with the following:

  1. Hotel reservation in one of the hotels designated and approved for quarantine for one week from the date of arrival

  2. Conducting a COVID test at the airport (In the event the result is positive, the expatriate will be directed for isolation, and if the test result is negative, a compulsory period of one week is spent in the quarantine hotel)

  3. Permit holders must adhere to hotel quarantine and all followed procedures, including maintaining social distancing. In the event the resident fails to commit, the hotel quarantine will be extended for another period of 7 days

Note: The permit will be automatically canceled if there is discrepancy in the data of the country of departure.

The documents that residents must possess upon arrival at the airport:

  1. Passport

  2. Qatar residence card

  3. Entry permit

  4. Hotel quarantine undertaking

  5. COVID examination certificate: In the event of coming from low-risk countries, a hard copy of the medical examination, conducted within a period not exceeding 48 hours in one of the accredited hospitals (if any), must be presented to concerned officials at the airport.

  6. Copy of the hotel reservation for quarantine: In the event of coming from other countries, a hard or soft copy of the residence reservation must be submitted in one of the hotels approved for the quarantine.

Additional Information

  • To confirm the approved hotel booking, please visit "Discover Qatar" website.

  • For more information, please call on 109 inside Qatar or +974 44069999 outside Qatar.


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