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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Are you planning on establishing a business in Qatar?

The initial step to take is to decide which sector you will be putting up as your business. Specific industries are allowed to hold a certain part of a company. There are different types of private business in Qatar.

100% Qatari Organization

Owned by a Qatari only. There is no authorized signatory unless a signatory has a Power of Attorney from the owner. All responsibilities and management is handled by the Qatari owner.

100% Qatari Owned WLL (With Limited Liability)

Owned by a Qatari only. There can be authorized signatories by approval from the owner without having power of attorney. Liability will be based on the capital or company assets.

At the present, government is providing 100% foreign ownership for certain category of Businesses like Agriculture, manufacturing, health, education, tourism etc., but these business setups need to be approved by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

For the other industries, WLL (With Limited Liability) type of business is the set up wherein foreigners are only allowed to hold 49% of the company. Thus you will need to set up a joint venture, with a local Qatari shareholder holding at least 51% of the company. Should want to know how to find a corporate partner for your business, click here.

Elite Projects has the experience and expertise to advise customers on the suitable company type taking into account the laws of the land and the unique customer’s needs. We have the experience having handled different industries and geographies across the Middle East.

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