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Change and Cancellation Policy



  1. Change of appointment is allowed one (1) hour prior to your appointment schedule. Changing of the appointment schedule could be done on your account dashboard. The appointment schedule will be forfeited if you failed to follow the changing of appointment date procedure and if you will not be able to attend on the reschedule date. Payment will be strictly non-refundable. 

  2. Change of appointment schedule is subject for approval. You will receive an email confirmation from Elite Projects that your request for change of schedule has been booked. 

  3.  Cancellation of booking can be done maximum of  thirty (30) minutes before your appointment schedule. 

  4.  If the client failed to attend on the confirmed appointment schedule without any notice (cancellation or change) thirty (30) minutes before the appointment schedule, the payment will be forfeited and strictly non-refundable. 



  1. Once you book the appointment, you will be required to proceed with the online payment. Other payment methods aside from the provided online payment will not be accepted. 

  2. You must strictly follow the instructions provided for payment during booking. A link will be provided where you can pay the specific service you want to acquire. 

  3. Your online appointment will be confirmed via email  after we receive your payment. 

  4. For cancellation of an appointment, payment is refundable if and only if the cancellation will be done not later than thirty (30) minutes before the confirmed appointment schedule. Should the client not be able to cancel 30 mins prior to the confirmed schedule, the payment will strictly be non-refundable. 

  5. Should you have encountered any issue please contact +974 6631 8588.

Elite Projects Help Support

For any concerns/inquiries on the Privacy Policy of this Site, you may contact us on the following details:

Contact Number: +974 4487 0912 / +974 6631 8588

Email Address:

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