Tourist Visas

Tourist Visas

Tourist Visa (Upon and Before Arrival)

Citizens of the 80 approved countries can obtain a Tourist Visa upon arrival. This visa can also be issued online prior to travel.

Tourist Visa through Employer

This visa allows hotels, embassies and other authorized employers to arrange visas for citizens of the 33 approved countries before they arrive in Qatar.

Tourist Visa through Qatar Airways or Hotels

This visa is granted to visitors of the 33 approved countries through authorized hotels operating in Qatar, or sponsoring residents with relationship to applicants through Qatar Airways. It is valid for one month and non-extendable.

Joint Tourist Visa – for Visiting Qatar and Oman

Citizens of the 33 approved countries can apply for a Joint Tourist Visa that allows them to travel freely between Qatar and Oman. This one-month visa can be issued either upon arrival, or online before arrival, and can be extended for one month only.

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