Elite Partnership

Elite Partnership

A partnership company comprises two or more partners who are jointly responsible for the liabilities of the company. All joint partners must be Qatari national citizens. Each partner possesses the power to conduct commercial business under the name of the company. However, no partner is allowed to practice on his/her own or another's account without first getting approval from the other company partner or partners.

Limited partners, on the other hand, are only liable on debts incurred by the company to the extent of their registered investment. They have no management authority.

An equities partnership company comprises two teams; one includes one or more partners jointly responsible for the debts of the company in all their assets; the other includes shareholders.

While finding a sponsor, it is quite essential to find a person with the same business interest. Elite Projects helps you to find a Qatari Business Partner available as for your interest.

Elite Projects has an expert team who are always available to advise your company, as well as giving regular information on any changes to the Labour Laws, Company Law etc. within the group, the team can also provide Government Communication Services/PRO Services and associated services, talent solutions and Customs clearance.