Work Visa for QVC

Work Visa for QVC

To streamline the visa application process, the Ministry of Interior has launched a service to allow employers to complete visa applications through international ‘Qatar Visa Centres’ (QVC). This permits expatriates to apply whilst they are in their home country.

QVCs provide a wide range of services including biometric data recording, fingerprinting, medical exams and labour contract signing which can be complete before the applicant departs their home country. This initiative was launched to reduce the cases of employees being sent home due to disqualification and to allow for employees to start their employment as soon as they arrive to Qatar.

There are currently twelve QVCs open across four different countries including, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with eight more in Indonesia, Nepal, Tunisia and Philippines set to be opened shortly.


  • Passport Copy
  • Contract details
  • Education Certificate (If High Profession) *Attested from Embassy and MOFA Qatar

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